Reasons for Consignment:

– You have special and unique items that you no longer have space for or you are moving or downsizing, whatever your reason is, we can help!

– Skyway Blue sell’s your unwanted and reusable items and you receive payment for your sold items.

– You like the idea of a “repeat performance” – your consigned item will be recycled, used and cherished by another – not just thrown away.

– Skyway Blue may use, manage and post on local services such as Craig’s list and Ebay to gain as much exposure for your item.

– Skyway Blue is a consignment shop, not a thrift store (accepts donated items) or a pawn shop (accepts your item and gives you a loan until you can pay it back and retrieve your item.

– We want you (Consignor) to be comfortable and trust Skyway Blue (Consignee) and feel that we will treat your item with the utmost care and concern.

Please call for an appointment and a private consultation. A consignment form detailing our policy, procedures and terms will be provided at that time.

Consignment and Collectibles